LePHO is a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant that serves popular authentic dishes. LePHO offers a simple yet dynamic menu that will be a sampling of Vietnamese food and designed with the intention of creating a desire for more. LePHO is of a health-conscious nature as it uses the ingredients of the highest quality to make all dishes healthy and tasteful.

LePHO represents a new concept in Vietnamese food that should appeal to a generation of individuals who live fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles. The interior of the restaurant is modern and trendy, which should be attractive to the younger customer base in the Business District. Customers will be able to spend under $10 on a complete restaurant-quality meal with a drink.

Mission: The goal is to be able to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world in a humble manor, by modernizing the “delivery” of our products.

Our vision for LePHO is to preserve the origin’s legacy and continue its accomplishment into a franchise. The concept of the business will remain the same, which is to serve high quality, affordable, healthy, authentic Vietnamese food and provide friendly, excellent services. The menu will remain simple to emphasize a focus on quality over quantity. Any future improvements to the menu will stay true to the restaurant’s core value. We want to continue to showcase Vietnamese cuisine and culture to the Orlando community and to the world.

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